Sweat the small stuff

21 09 2012

“Hi, Pops”(not sure why I called him that as I never do) I answered when my high-tech droid cell phone rang and the caller I.D. indicated it was my Dad.  “Hey,  happy birthday you old fart” dad replied.  He continued “it is 6:30, the doors are locked, everything is shut down and I’m sitting in my office with a cold beer”.  “That sounds nice” I said.  “This is when I used to call my dad” my dad replied.

Have you ever heard the saying “don’t sweat the small stuff”?  In today’s high-tech world I think it may be wrong.  I think the small stuff might be the big stuff down the road.

Take my conversation with my dad.  For one, it floored me that in my 40+ years I never realized that my dad talked with his dad like I talk with my dad.(confusing isn’t it?).  I am not sure why I never thought of this.  I take for granted (small stuff) that in today’s world I can just pick up my cell phone from practically anywhere in the world and call my dad.  In a car, in a bar.  On a plane or boat and any of the other Dr. Seuss things I can’t recall.

The act of calling has become blase and thoughtless really.  Think about it,  you don’t have to plan to make a call.  Alright kiddies, back when we were children nobody, I mean NOBODY, had a cell phone in their pocket (We will discuss cable TV some other time, you can only handle so much at one time).  You may want to sit down.  No one had a cordless phone to wander aimlessly around the house and yard while babbling like the children you are to your little girl friends for hours on end either.  Phones were actually attached to the wall (in the kitchen) on set on a desk or night stand elsewhere in the house.  You actually had to plan to make a call because it was like a short trip, a destination, you had to decide which location  you would choose to make your call.

Sometimes duration of the upcoming call would dictate the phone to use.  Say grandma is the intended caller and it’s Monday.  Mom
would use the kitchen phone so she could sit as it would be a longer phone call and often involved lists so writing was easier sitting.  Other times it would be the phone by the bed if mom or dad wanted to call one of the girls at college to wish them good night or good day.  Maybe it was the phone in the hallway with the really long cord that you could stretch through the bedroom door and whisper quietly to your girl friend(so I’ve heard) and no one could over hear.

Small stuff.  Thoughtful planning vs spontaneous mobile dialing.  Patience vs instant gratification.  Rotary dial (what?) vs touch pad.  A thoughtful phone call that means a lot.

I wonder what dad and Grandpa talked about.  I bet it was similar to our conversations, with less background noise and fewer dropped calls.




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