Fighting Dracula in the hospital cafeteria

24 09 2013

cartoon-drawing-dracula-20743810Yeah, I know but it really happened….sort of.

Dreams, you know those images, ideas, sensations and emotions that happen in our mind while we sleep?   Have you ever had dreams so vivid that you awake and think what you dreamed had actually happened?  Or perhaps, the detail is so clear it is alarming or humorous.  Some have found dream world to be frightening, amusing and even amorous.

I am not sure if anyone knows what causes dreams.  They can last for seconds or as long 20 minutes or more.  From what I have read we are more likely to remember dreams if we are awaken during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, our deepest sleep with the highest brain activity.

Some shrinks (head doctors) think they can interpret dreams.  Sigmund Freud considered dreams as kind of a unconscious dream fulfillment, but then again he had a thing for his mother.  There are others who think they can interpret tea leaves and chicken bones and I will leave it at that.

So anyway back to the kung fu fighting, in  my dream.  It turns out Dracula, who’s first name is Peter by the way(I always was skeptical about Vlad), works at the hospital with my wife Kitten.  Strangely enough he does not work as a phlebotomist even though they have a nick name in most hospitals of “vampires”.  I digress, turns out Peter Dracula wants my wife and my unborn baby boy named Keegan.  A few interesting points here; 1. my wife is pregnant, I didn’t know. 2. The kid must be special as Dracula wants the tyke. 3. Keegan….really?!  Jack would be more fitting.  So Drac makes the demand to meet us privately in his secret attempt to abduct my child bearing wife.  I being a pig headed and dream land super hero say no way Pete and we meet in the….wait… for.. it… hospital cafeteria.  Old Dracula is not amused and pretty ticked off, which I find amusing in dream land.  He goes all fiery eyed and smoke coming out of his ears (seriously) screaming about if this is the way you want it and for some reasons I remember all the security cameras (ironically in today’s world of security I am fairly certain at this moment that I wasn’t able to sneak in any silver bullets or wooden stakes, just my luck), but anyway I refuse like any knight in shiny armor to turn over my fair vixen to the dark lord.  He hauls off and smacks me.  At first I am shocked and then I laugh at Pete and mention for the powerful Dracula he hits like a girl and I knock him on his ass.  As I laugh at this enjoying my fun, he takes the opportunity to exit, stage left with Kitten and I see the elevator door closing as my wife is screaming for me.  This is when I wake up.  Dazed and confused but laughing at the absurdity.

Kitten and baby Keegan?

Kitten and baby Keegan?

Who knows why we dream.  Who knows what caused this little midnight mischievous.  I think it was probably something I ate or drank.  Maybe the really yummy steak, onion & feta wood fired pizzas we made, or perhaps the glass of Beugolais we enjoyed with our pizza.  Could be Im just goofy and was looking for adventure and to save damsels in distress.  Perhaps forks in our roads of life that closed some doors and opened others.

Just for fun, I tracked down a hand ful of tea leaf and chicken bone readers and had them meet with Fruedian scholars to see what they come up with.  The image on the left is the best they can do, sort of a police sketch of what Peter Dracula was after, a photo rendering of Kitten holding what they deem a baby Keegan would have looked like.  Handsome little devil if I don’t say so myself.

Like I tell Sydney, dream big and dream often.




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