Living on the edge of Gotham

28 09 2013

Titt River Sept 25

I live in a pretty great place.  It is beautiful surrounded by forest and farms.  The colors and smells are amazing as they change with the seasons.  My neighbors, as few as they are, are kind and generous and lending a helping hand is the norm, not the exceptin.  The calm and quiet is therapuetic.

I leave this serene world each morning as I head to work.  I pass the forests and the farm fields and clumps of houses scattered about.  As I take the gentle curve to the north and I come to the river (photo), this is when I know I am getting closer .  Closer to a world that is darker.  A world not unlike mythical Gotham that needed a super hero in Batman to protect it.

Beautiful isn’t it?  The sky was ablaze with color as the sun was coming over the horizon.  The river was calm with a touch of steam.  Calm, serene, peaceful are a few words to describe this idealic setting.  This is one of my favorite sights each morning as I make the commute in to work.  From farm fields to here at the river things are great, and then…

One mile to south you will find farm fields, farm houses, a big nursery filled with plants and trees and a National Wildlife Refuge.  One mile to the north you find a middle class neighborhood filled with families, a little league baseball complex and surrounded by duplexes and apartment complexes.  Across the street is a convenience store that gets robbed on a somewhat regular basis by shady characters not from these parts.

I continue down past the subdivision and a mile later I find myself driving by a couple of bars with cars lined up at 7am.  One, at least was shootingthe scene of a fatal shooting in the last year.   As I round the bend now four  miles from that beautiful river scene I am diverted to an alternative route by six police cars lights ablaze, crime scene tape across four lanes of road, EMT and fire fighters on hand but no one is working on the white, still, lone body bag that is left laying in the front yard.  I came to find out it was one of three who died.  This is the second time in the last few weeks I have been that close to a crime scene that involved shootings, the other wasn’t very far away and fortunately we were a few minutes late for the action.

What is our town/world coming too?  Kids are running amok, bad people are shooting people(no the problem is not the guns, people kill people, not guns), crime is running rampant and it seems like nothing is being done to protect the innocent.

Parents are growing their children instead of raising them.  There are no repercussions, no accountability.  We are a desensitized generation.  You only have to watch a show on television to see that.  Vulgarity my generation would have had their mouths washed out with soap now are common on TV.  Where’s our Batman?  Where’s the parents in a child’s life?  Where does it end?

Gotham CrimeGotham City to me was deep dark place.  It was filled with evil and bad people doing bad things.  Concerned citizens cowered and hid in fear.  No one lifted a finger until Bruce Wayne had enough and became Bat Man.  Bat Man saved Gotham, over and over as the movies made money so sequels made good sense.

Hey Mid Michigan, where’s our Bat Man?  I am in  no way condoning someone putting on a pair of tights, tieing on a cape and becoming a vigilante, that would be foolish.  Inside all of us is a super hero, we can start by teaching our children to be respectful and kind.  We can lead our community by example and stand up for what is right and shun what is wrong.  It starts with you.




2 responses

28 09 2013
Jan Curtis

Thank you for this Matt. I agree………it’s why I stay in Arkansas. It is a little less touched by all of this. We still spank our kids and most of our neighbors do too.

30 09 2013
Dale Lieffers

The typical news report around here is that there were no witnesses, and the victim is not cooperating. 2 am and everyone was such a nice person.

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