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My name is Matthew Princing and I am from Mid Michigan where I reside with my daughter Sydney and lovely wife  Jenny.  We enjoy the outdoors and the seasons Michigan has to offer and especially the lakes where we enjoy sailing and swimming.  The furry members of our family are Lucy a 8 year old golden retriever and Yosemite Sam our  brand new (ok hes 1 now) golden retriever who will eventually eat us out of house and home.  We are big on family and friends and doing the right thing, we say please and thank you and pray before meals.

I grew up in a family of 5.  2 brothers and 2 sisters, kind of like the Brady Bunch but not really, actually not at all.  Dad is a Pharmacist and all conquering business man and Mom is a teacher, volunteer, business woman, choir director, etc…I have a twin brother named Willy(not really but that’s what we call him) he is not as handsome or brilliant as I am.  We all grew up in a Christian home and I attended Valley Lutheran High School in Saginaw, MI where I excelled in…what was that Jenny?…oh right, skirt chasing…just kidding, sort of.

This blog is my way to express my opinions, concerns and whatever I chose to blab about( alot of nothing…hey it made great TV, remember Seinfeld?).  I have questions that need answers and wisdom(my opinion) that needs sharing and lifes loves and lessons to pass on.  I don’t know it all or a significant portion, but I am blessed with those around me, a bit witty and I think you will enjoy, no need to agree just enjoy.

If you are interested in an old post feel free to leave me a comment and I can pull it out of archives(fancy word for file on computer).  I guess there is a button to subscribe to this thing too if you really wanted to, somewhere on the bottom…no down there…keep going you’ll find it.


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7 05 2010
Amy Ardin Calkins

Hey Matt,
enjoyed seeing picture of you and your family. What a beautiful daughter you have. I also love your dogs, as I am a golden retriever owner myself. Looks like life has been good to you. I am having fun on FB finding old Good Shep friends.


11 01 2011
Nancy Knudsen

How do I contact you by email?

18 01 2011
John Galley

Thoroughly enjoyed your recent posting about sailing. I too have some fond memories of sailing on Wawasee many years ago.

PLEASE contact me by email – with your email address – so that I can give you details about a current sailing project of mine – now nearing completion – that I think will interest you a great deal.


18 11 2013

Matt… I would like to ask your permission. My church choir would like to use you picture of the angels with shepherds for our choir concert on December 23rd/2013. Thank you.
Toronto, Canada

18 11 2013

Certainly, enjoy the picture and also the Christmas season.


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